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Blueline Plumbing Products

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Nuflow in Central Queensland offers Blueline plumbing products. We’ve chosen to work with Blueline products because of the many benefits they offer our customers. Learn more about our Blueline piping below.

What Is Blueline?

Blueline is a relining product used to repair and rehabilitate pipes by creating a smaller pipe contained within. The epoxy liner installed bonds to the host pipe’s interior wall. This liner seals and protects the system from further deterioration, dramatically extending the wear of the piping system.

A Safe And Simple Solution

Our Blueline relining method eliminates digging, excavation and the destruction of your property. Trenchless piping is a safe and efficient way of getting the job done without unnecessary hassle.

Blueline Benefits


We ensure your leaks are stopped and tree roots can’t get in.


Assists with the prevention of blocked drains


Increases pipe effectiveness of fluid flow.


A cost-effective and simple alternative to pipe and drain replacement.


Tests demonstrate that Blueline is stronger than new pipes.

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