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Commercial Pipe Repairs

We Service All Areas in Central Queensland

An Eco-friendly Approach

Our environmentally-friendly relining solutions are designed by in-house chemists and engineers for each job, and then independently tested to ensure they comply with domestic and international standards. We are an eco-friendly company who wear our international standards with pride.

Commercial Pipe Solutions

We have 15 years of experience and up-to-date education and training to draw on for every job. Our most commonly provided commercial services include:

Management And Repairs

Whether it’s an urgent fix or scheduled maintenance, Nuflow CQ provides plumbing and pipe repair services in Gladstone, Rockhampton and surrounding areas.

We take preventative measures to ensure pipe integrity and quality, and attempt to forego reactive pipe repairs, which occur after damage or a pipe deficiency.


Our in-house experts will design a solution that works for you.


We listen to what you need and the unique operations of your organisation.


Proactive pipe management involves taking early action to ensure pipe integrity.


We’ll be on hand quickly if a fault has occurred.

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